Just write!

As many writers are, I’m also a voracious reader. I visit at least 3 libraries regularly (being properly thankful for networked library systems!) and allow myself occasional treats at bookstores as finances allow. Just the other day, I picked up a bookmark from one of those stores, Midway Used and Rare Books in St Paul, MN (a splendid place to lose a few hours!), and actually read it.

It lists John Cotton Dana’s “10 rules on reading.” I read them, smiled … and realized that, with only a little tweaking, they work equally well for writers:

Really ... write about anything. Here's about the most random visual prompt I ever saw!

  1. Write.
  2. Write.
  3. Write some more.
  4. Write anything.
  5. Write about everything.
  6. Write, read, and talk about things.
  7. Write very carefully about important things.
  8. Write on the run, whenever you have a moment and a scrap of paper, iPad, Blackberry or whatever.
  9. Don’t just think about writing:
  10. Just write!

Of course, you’ll note that “read” still crept in at number 6. I wasn’t kidding about how much I read. If I don’t get a couple of hours of some sort of reading in a given day, I get cranky. Some must be books. I also put in lots of online reading time these days. But it’s all essential for me: reading both refreshes me and gives me incentive to write.

Rules number 1 through 5 get covered by my twice-a-month writers group. Writing to random prompts and reading aloud to a small circle of friends helps me try out new ways of writing with minimal risk. And we most definitely cover anything and everything!

So don’t just sit around thinking about writing … pick up pen or keyboard and just write.


About Susan NC Price

Writing coach Susan NC Price has been a poet all her life and an editor for half her life, but only realized in her late 30s that she enjoyed writing all sorts of prose as well. The twin epiphanies of word processing and realizing she no longer had teachers forcing her to use their style of outlining outlines contributed to her late-blooming love of writing. Susan has 1 prizewinning short story, 2 grown writer sons, 3 current e-newsletters she maintains and a host of writing projects to her credit. She's currently working to develop new writers through her coaching endeavor: re/Write: Scribbles to Stories (see Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ReWrite-Scribbles-to-Stories).
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One Response to Just write!

  1. Therunwriter says:

    That’s what it all comes down to, just writing.
    It’s pretty simple. I enjoyed the rules

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