I write therefore I comprehend?

This year, despite a calendar full of Advent activities, the Christmas season seemed to spring up unexpectedly, catching me unprepared. My gift-choosing and –making fell sadly behind schedule and I still haven’t made all the cookies I intended to and we’re on the fourth day of Christmas already. I blame a schedule that left too little time for just-me writing.

Anyone who journals knows the difficult balance between not writing enough to capture details you want to remember and being so focused on journaling that you distance yourself from the very events you’re trying to capture. I’ve had that happen with photography as well. Snapping pictures can become an end in itself, keeping you from participating fully in whatever you’re photographing.

But this year’s experience has taught me to value a certain level of detachment form the immediate details of my life. That distance allows me to reflect and appreciate a holy season, not just get caught up in the busy-ness. To recognize the unimportant and cherish the significant parts.

Still waiting (2007)

Advent sees me clean my whole house,
sifting through the year’s detritus
to reach a new beginning. Children grouse,
pets flee or hide, but Christmas hopes unite us:
Hark, do we yet hear angels singing?

Most years, I’ve written at least one poem for Advent or Christmas by December 25.  This year, I’ve written none.

I’ve done some crochet crafts as gifts and some Illustrator work on a text-based title design, but only work-related writing. And not nearly as much editing as I’d hoped (see previous comment regarding craft projects).

Christmas Eve 1997

white stars (cold stars)
falling on the bitter wind
towering drifts, icy roads blocking cars

clearing sky (storm ended)
now unveiling higher stars
over a world with faults snow-mended

But I still have 6 days before the Christmas season ends with Epiphany, so all is not lost. Even though tomorrow is also next year, it’s still this Christmas season. I wonder what I’ll find to say about Christmas this time?


About Susan NC Price

Writing coach Susan NC Price has been a poet all her life and an editor for half her life, but only realized in her late 30s that she enjoyed writing all sorts of prose as well. The twin epiphanies of word processing and realizing she no longer had teachers forcing her to use their style of outlining outlines contributed to her late-blooming love of writing. Susan has 1 prizewinning short story, 2 grown writer sons, 3 current e-newsletters she maintains and a host of writing projects to her credit. She's currently working to develop new writers through her coaching endeavor: re/Write: Scribbles to Stories (see Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ReWrite-Scribbles-to-Stories).
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  1. Keep up the good blogging! Much appreciated..

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