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Thinking poetically

In December of 2007, I had a period of frustration early in Advent, facing the tension between holiday chores and holiday expectations. I could have journalled or blogged about the feeling, at some length. Instead, I condensed it into 5 … Continue reading

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Too many projects?

Oh the irony: I write a post about scheduling writing time so as not to feel guilty about writing … and then spend a couple of months doing just about anything except updating this blog! And, while I have two … Continue reading

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I write therefore I comprehend?

This year, despite a calendar full of Advent activities, the Christmas season seemed to spring up unexpectedly, catching me unprepared. My gift-choosing and –making fell sadly behind schedule and I still haven’t made all the cookies I intended to and … Continue reading

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What are you thankful for as a writer?

Without even pausing to think, I would answer the question of what I’m thankful for as a writer with  one word: computers! Of course, I have plenty of other blessings that allow me to write, such as disposable time in … Continue reading

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How to start loving writing

Reluctant or forced writers need to get beyond the negatives that keep them from wanting to write. Too often, such writers have gotten stuck at the “I’ve got to do this or fail this course/lose my job” level of motivation. … Continue reading

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Thoughts about “story”

Given that this blog is called “Starting Your Story,” we should perhaps consider what we mean by “story.” A story is a narrative. It has a beginning, middle and end. Or, to look at it another way, story consists of … Continue reading

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Having done my previous post on “writing and memory,” I set myself the assignment of writing something appropriate for Memorial Day today. Me being a word-lover by nature, my mind immediately started playing with “memorial” as a word: an object … Continue reading

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Writing and memory

One reason people write is to leave a written record of something, to help make sure that idea or event is not forgotten. Long before computers started using electronic codes to archive information on data media, people wanted to have … Continue reading

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