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Thinking poetically

In December of 2007, I had a period of frustration early in Advent, facing the tension between holiday chores and holiday expectations. I could have journalled or blogged about the feeling, at some length. Instead, I condensed it into 5 … Continue reading

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To plan or not to plan …

Perhaps the most frustrating part of writing for me is when I know where I want to go with my essay or proposal or story, but can’t see how to get there. Sometimes, I don’t even know how to start. … Continue reading

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Write what you love

One of the many things I love would be animals. So I write a column about animals—specifically, pets—for, an online news organization with numerous regional offices. I live in Chicago’s western suburbs, so I write my “Pets Examiner” column … Continue reading

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Enjoy writing even when you’re assigned a topic

Even when you’re writing what you “have to,’ love what you write. Oh, I can hear you now, saying I have it easy, getting to pick my topic and what do I know? But my professional career has consisted of … Continue reading

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Just write!

As many writers are, I’m also a voracious reader. I visit at least 3 libraries regularly (being properly thankful for networked library systems!) and allow myself occasional treats at bookstores as finances allow. Just the other day, I picked up … Continue reading

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Are you a writer?

For years, I identified myself as anything but a writer. Poet (and later, editor) was as close as I got to admitting writing could be an important part of what I did.  Why? I was a reluctant writer. A writer … Continue reading

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Jane Yolen on “story”

I was just pointed to this link: Jane Yolen is a brilliant storyteller whose novels I love. In this essay from 2000, she lists, with varying levels of detail, the aspects of story she finds important, organized around the … Continue reading

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