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Thinking poetically

In December of 2007, I had a period of frustration early in Advent, facing the tension between holiday chores and holiday expectations. I could have journalled or blogged about the feeling, at some length. Instead, I condensed it into 5 … Continue reading

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What assumptions are you making without letting me know?

I got into an interesting correspondence conversation with a friend-of-a-friend after my last post, on the importance of accuracy even in tangential details. In the course of a discussion of how much “factual” leeway one should grant writers of fantasy, … Continue reading

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The importance of being accurate

As writers, the last thing we want to do is pop the complex bubble of unreality that makes up the story enveloping our readers. We never want to dump them abruptly back onto the hard, uneven sidewalk of real life … Continue reading

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Guerrilla writing … or how to get back into the habit

Until recently, I’d posted nothing here for months—all of the last 6 months of 2012, really. My pets column hit an all-time low for posts per week, month and year from spring through summer. And I’d done nearly no new … Continue reading

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Giving ourselves permission to dream

How often have you felt guilty about how you were spending your time? I think we all have those moments. But when you start feeling that way most of the time, you should start thinking about why you feel guilty … Continue reading

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Goals are good … except when they aren’t

OK, so here’s my ‘reality bites’ version of nanowrimo reports. November is 4 days old and I’m about 5500 words behind the average nanowrimo writers’ goals for this point in the month. See, to get to about 50,000 words by … Continue reading

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“Detailing” your writing

What makes a piece of writing special? Probably your answers would differ from mine, but the question is worth considering if you want your writing to be special. So maybe the place to start is, what makes anything special? A … Continue reading

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My accidental novel

How can one have a novel by accident? I doubt I’m alone in reaching this achievement, but to get to the point, we need first to backtrack a bit. I wrote one [unpublishable] fanfiction novel a while back, just to … Continue reading

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Enjoy writing even when you’re assigned a topic

Even when you’re writing what you “have to,’ love what you write. Oh, I can hear you now, saying I have it easy, getting to pick my topic and what do I know? But my professional career has consisted of … Continue reading

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Just write!

As many writers are, I’m also a voracious reader. I visit at least 3 libraries regularly (being properly thankful for networked library systems!) and allow myself occasional treats at bookstores as finances allow. Just the other day, I picked up … Continue reading

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